About Tri-State Sleep Society

Mission Statement

Tri-State Sleep Society is an organization of medical professionals to promote quality in practice of sleep medicine, and educating community and health care
professionals in importance of sleep and sleep related disorders.


The Tristate Sleep Society was founded in 2015 by combining the NWO-SEM (Northwest Ohio-Southeast Michigan) Sleep Society and the Indiana Sleep Society. These groups were started by sleep physicians, sleep laboratory technologists and home care company representatives.

Purpose and Goals

  • provide forum for exchange of information pertaining to sleep and sleep related disorders among professionals dealing with sleep disorders
  • provide means and tools to increase public awareness of sleep related disorders
  • to represent sleep disorders discipline in relation to other health care professional organizations

Tri-State Sleep Society Organization

The Tri-State Sleep Society is non-profit corporation and is tax exempt.

Membership is open to any individual or corporation involved in management of patients with sleep related disorders.

Executive Directors

  • Jodi Kahlenbeck, RRT, RPSGT
  • Maire Mengerink, RPSGT, CCSH
  • Christina Kanis, RPSGT